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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

1:00 pm and, again, just a quick reminder we're all back from simi valley, california. if you would like to watch again for the first time the republican presidential debate it will re-air this evening 10:00 eastern here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. have a wonderful weekend. "the lead" with john berman starts now. equipped, we need this question. but is donald trump now regretting his nonresponse? i'm john berman and this is "the lead." the politics lead, trump now bowing out of a major campaign event after taking heat for not challenging an audience member who called president obama a muslim. now, is the man who once pushed the birther movement trying to avoid the backlash? the national lead baby doe identified. police put a name with the face of the little girl found inside a trash bag in boston harbor. who would do such a thing? and the world lead, pope francis
1:01 pm
preparing for an historic visit to the u.s. a first in his lifetime. now three major cities try to make space as millions make the pilgrimage to witness history. welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper today. our politics lead yet again donald trump finds himself under fire. this time not for a slip of the tongue but for holding his tongue. trump failed to correct, failed to challenge, failed to even remotely question a supporter at a new hampshire town hall who claimed we have a, quote, muslim problem in the united states. and that president barack obama is a muslim and that he is not an american. trump's campaign claims he did not hear the question. religious groups are calling on the republican front runner to apologize, but thus far mum's the word. let's get right to cnn's sara murray in greensville, south
1:02 pm
carolina. sara. >> reporter: donald trump canceling a campaign appearance at the last minute today as he's under fire for this exchange last night in new hampshire. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> but any way, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. >> uh-huh. >> that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> reporter: trump didn't press the questioner to explain what he meant by get rid of them or push back on the false charge about the president who is a christian and american citizen. trump's campaign claiming he did not hear that part of the
1:03 pm
question. but refusing to say whether trump believes president obama is in fact an american. trump's silence sparking a chorus of criticism today. chris christie saying he would have handled it differently. >> somebody at one of my town hall meetings said something like that, i would correct them. and say, no, the president's a christian and he was born in this country. those two things are self-evident. i think you have an obligation as a leader to do that. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham calling it inappropriate. >> you need to look the guy in the eye say, listen, i don't agree with you. i don't appreciate what you said. >> reporter: but polls provide a hint to why trump might be willing to let the issue linger. 54% of his supporters wrongly identify obama as muslim. according to a cnn/orc poll among all republicans the number stands at 43%. today, amid the fallout trump's scrapping an event in south carolina just hours before he was slated to speak. saying in a statement that he
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has a significant business transaction to attend to. prompting this tweet from fellow gop candidate bobby jindal. sorry to see donald trump cancel on event today with senator demint and governor haley. filing for bankruptcy again? perhaps fifth time is a charm. now, there is a little grumbling on the ground here in south carolina about donald trump not being at this event. a couple folks do think he did it to avoid tough questions including what were sure to be questions from the press about whether he does believe president obama is an american citizen. we will definitely have our fair share of presidential candidates tonight though. ten are expected to appear at this event this evening. back to you, john. >> sara murray for us in greenville, south carolina. thanks so much, sara. i want to talk more about this with cnn chief political correspondent dana bash live in los angeles. dana, the headline donald trump doesn't speak is bizarre enough to begin with. for a guy who likes to embrace controversy, even stoke it, his silence today about his silence
1:05 pm
yesterday is even more remarkable. >> it's deafening. i have to say even just as you were coming to me i was just looking at my phone to check his twitter feed. sure that at some point he was going to be the typical donald trump and take to twitter and tweet out something sort of in your face or at least something, anything. the fact that he hasn't done that on twitter, the fact that he hasn't said anything through his spokesman as sara was talking about, the last they said officially was last night when i spoke to his campaign manager who said he didn't really hear the question and that his response was just the idea of looking into whether there are terror training camps in this country. it is highly unusual. he is not somebody who is shy when it comes to controversy. and he's fought back on everything along the way over the past several months. so this is perhaps let's give him the benefit of the doubt. maybe he actually does have a big business deal and he's in a
1:06 pm
boardroom somewhere trying to work it out. they say we're going to find out what it is next week. >> he's made many, many billions as we well know. dana, you know, politicians are always confronted with do they need to confront or apologize for things said or not said on the stump near them when they're at events. but with donald trump it's not like this is happening in a vacuum. this issue is one that he was very much involved with, the birther movement back in 2011 and 2012. he has connections to these ideas. >> not just involved, john. you're absolutely right. he really helped stoke the birther movement. you remember he was on "the view" back in 2011, you know, calling out the president saying he doesn't know whether he was born in the united states. and even after the president then produced his long form birth certificate saying he was born in hawaii, he said he wasn't really sure if it was authentic. the fact is though that was 2011. and this year he hasn't been talking about it much, at all. in fact, i just went and looked
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it up he told anderson cooper just this summer that he's off that subject. he wants to talk about jobs and other things. but sara eluded to this earlier, it's a fine line because he is definitely trying to appeal to the sector of the republican base that wants to hear this kind of thing from him. but at the same time he understands that, you know, that ship has sailed and he needs to look fmore presidential. perhaps that's one reason why he's being very untrump like and being quiet to sort of see how this thing goes. you don't really have an issue often where trump is stumped. and this seems to be one of them. >> dana bash live for us in los angeles. dana, great to see you. thanks so much. democratic presidential candidates they were quick to pounce on all this. hillary clinton tweeted, donald trump not denouncing false statements about potus and hateful rhetoric about muslims is disturbing and just plain wrong. cut it out. bernie sanders called for the republican front runner to
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apologize. and martin o'malley joined in saying muslim is not a slur. i want to get right to cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux traveling with the clinton campaign in manchester, new hampshire. suzanne, hillary clinton had a lot to say about this this afternoon. >> reporter: she certainly did, john. this was an opportunity for her to hit trump and hit him hard. i asked her very specifically about those statements that the trump supporter made that the problem in the country was muslims, that the president was in fact a muslim and that also he was not an american and that he went forward and said there were training camps trained to kill us. and then his final question of course when he said when can we get rid of them and then trump's very initial response simply saying we need this question. so she reacted to trump's response and then she also laid out what she potentially would have done. >> well, i was appalled. and as you may know, you know, quickly put out a tweet expressing the great
1:09 pm
disappointment with that kind of rhetoric. and calling on him and anybody else who is seeking the highest office of the land to start behaving like a president. to show respect and to stand up for the truth. he knew or he should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. and he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in a questioner in an audience that he was appearing before. so i would, you know, call on him and call on all of the candidates to stop this decent into the kind of hateful, mean spirited divisive rhetoric we have seen too much of in the last months. >> and how would you have responded? >> well, i don't think that person would come to my event. but if that person had been in my event i would have called him
1:10 pm
out on it. and i would have said from the very beginning that has no place in a political discussion like the one we're trying to have here. and not only is it out of place and wrong, it is totally factually untrue. and to quit impugning the integrity of the president. >> do you think it's racist? >> i think it's prejudiced. i think it's discriminatory. i think it comes out of the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric that we've seen too much of where people are being, you know, set against one another and that has no place in our politics. we have serious issues we have to deal with in the years ahead. we should be trying to bring the country together around solutions, not trying to divide up people and set them against each other. >> hillary clinton was also asked whether or not she believed trump should apologize and she said she certainly hoped that he does. but there is no expectation that that is necessarily going to happen. all the previous controversies have not led to trump apologies
1:11 pm
so no one is holding their breath on the democratic side. john. >> apologies and donald trump, suzanne malveaux, thank you so much. so she faced off with donald trump at the debate and received high marks for her performance. but now carly fiorina's performance in the business world is drawing fire just like donald trump said it would. that's next. that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake today. continuing with our politics lead. the fallout for donald trump after the republican front runner refused to correct or even challenge a questioner at a town hall event who said president obama is a muslim and not an american. here with us cnn political commentator, republican consultant margaret hoover. guys, thank you so much for being with us here, with me. donald trump, the question is, does this hurt him, margaret? because the stuff with megyn kelly, the stuff about mexican immigrants, the birther movement
1:16 pm
four years ago, none of that seems to have had an effect in his poll numbers so far. so why is this night different than any other? >> well, the question is who supports donald trump? and of the people that already support donald trump does this bother them? or does this reinforce what they already like about him? i mean, donald trump rose to prominence in a crowded field of 16 other candidates by saying we need to build a wall. we need to build a really big wall and keep all the mexicans out. and then he also mentioned mexicans were drug dealers and rapists. those people who liked that message might very well like a message that thinks muslims are derogatory. so maybe this doesn't hit that base of support, but this absolutely does hit his credibility with mainstream republicans, with christian conservative republicans, with the broader coalition that whoever the nominee is will need to pull together. >> so, hank, the poll numbers show 29% of americans in the most recent cnn/orc poll think president obama is a muslim. 43% of republicans think
1:17 pm
president obama is a muslim. and 54% of trump supporters think president obama is a muslim. so in terms of nuts and bolts, maybe this doesn't hurt. >> it does hurt trump over the term. why? nobody minds being a racist. they mind being found out. the real question here is the good news is he's the front runner, the bad news is he's a front runner because people are now going to focus on what he says and does, not what they think he does or might say. this is now subject to a lot of examination because his overall behavior is now subject to question. that's what happens when you're in the front of the pack. >> you're a new yorker. one of the things donald trump is not generally is silent. right? so this happened last night. everyone's talking about it and there's nothing donald trump likes more than being talked about. and yet he's eerily silent, what's going on? >> this is the kind of silence he doesn't like because he doesn't want that image tarnished. mexicans, they may be rapists but i have a lot of them that will work for me. that will only go so far. you're getting closer to iowa and new hampshire, conservative republicans and mainstream
1:18 pm
republicans are going to say, wait a second, we want to win the election, donald trump's not the way to get there because people not exactly like us are going to be voting. >> margaret, forgive me for the conspiracy theories but wed heard two minutes of hillary clinton lashing out at donald trump for this statement. i couldn't help but think there are probably a lot of donald trump supporters say fg hillary clinton is yelling at donald trump for this that's a good thing. >> what he said is, again, it's only going to boost the supporters who like him already for what he stands for. and it's going to alienate the people who already don't like him. i don't think this helps or hurts him. it's probably status quo for donald trump. the piece about him canceling his event tonight is incredibly interesting to me. >> isn't it? >> as you said he likes the attention. but it's just sort of unlike him to not take the reigns and fight back. i sensed at the end of the debate, you know, first of all it was three hours so he was tired. but he couldn't carry his own weight. he was totally diminished in the policy conversations. the only time he could really
1:19 pm
insert himself is when they were personal attacks. you had a sense an awareness he wasn't able to carry water against the other candidates. >> he is doing the job normally party leaders do in any primary setting. the party leaders ultimately determine who the nominee is. donald trump is beginning to cut his own legs out from under him. the more people see of the negative donald trump the less likely they'll see him as the guy that can beat hillary clinton and that will fuel conservative republicans in iowa and new hampshire coming up. >> so the person who arguably had the best debate, carly fiorina. one thing that happens when you do well when you emerge from the pack is people start to knock you down, right? >> sure. >> so hewlett-packard, her time as the ceo there it was an issue in the 2010 senate race in california. and i have to say i have seen more people e-mail and tweet out some of the ads from that campaign over the last 24 hours than i've seen over the last five years. >> well, look, is she going to survive that? not likely. is this an accident? there are no accidents in presidential politics overall.
1:20 pm
this is a determined effort to make sure she's not the nominee. by guess who? my hunch is the democrats. they don't want another woman in the game. >> democrats, she has a field of 16 contenders. also the research barbara boxer put out she's going to have to contend with. the question is we know carly is a shrewd candidate. she was at the bottom of the pack and she has fought her way to the top really a top tier republican candidate. has she learned lessons from how she communicated about her hp record that will transcend this round of the debate? and she's going to have to because, you know, she's not going to be the president, vice president or any sort of part of any next republican cabinet if she can't defend herself. >> so far it was donald trump talking about carly fiorina and her business record. but you're already starting to see some of the other candidates. chris christie flirting with the idea, i think, of talking about carly fiorina and her record. starts getting incoming from multiple sides it could be a different story. >> could be a different story. but chris christie's real job is kill donald trump because he's convinced in the back of his mind if trump weren't there that would be his space.
1:21 pm
>> tempers. >> so many of them. >> i don't agree with that but as far as carly fiorina's problems are concerned those spots being tweeted are ultimately going to cut her legs out from under her. why? california not being great place for republicans any way, people need a way to get rid of her. maybe the republicans doing it i bet it's the democrats because they want to make sure there's no women there on the republican side so they continue to push republicans out to the right. >> hank, margaret, great to have you with us on this friday. have a great weekend. >> thanks. this programming note. in case you missed the cnn republican debate, which i find frankly hard to believe, you can watch a re-air of the debate tonight at 10:00 eastern right here on cnn. coming up, the white house lashes out at donald trump and republicans who are refusing to not deny these claims, these statements that the president is a muslim and not an american. that is next. plus, baby doe finally identified by police after millions shared her picture on social media.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper today. continuing our politics lead, president obama is a muslim, he is not an american. falsehoods spouted anew this time at a donald trump rally. but it's only the first time that either claim has been made. i want to bring in cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, it feels like five years ago. it feels like we've heard this again. and seen this before. >> we have seen it before and they've seen this at the white house before. the white house fired right back at donald trump today, john,
1:27 pm
after donald trump failed to correct a supporter at a rally who said president obama is a muslim. for the president it is a false slur he has heard over and over and over. they are lies president obama has heard before. they hounded his first bid for the white house. now they're back just as he's approaching the end of his second term. this time it was a false smear about the president's religion at a donald trump rally. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> trump's failure to set the record straight was no shocker to white house aides who've heard the gop front runner repeatedly deny the truth of the matter, that the president is a christian who was born in hawaii. >> is anybody really surprised that this happened at a donald trump rally? >> but the white house did note unlike trump mr. obama's one-time rival john mccain made it clear seven years ago when false rumors first swirled in
1:28 pm
the heat of that campaign. >> he's an arab. he is not? >> no, ma'am. >> no? >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> colin powell did the same just days later. >> well, the correct answer is he's not a muslim. he's a christian. he's always been a christian. but the really right answer is, what if he is? >> four years ago it was trump who led the birther movement questioning the president's background. >> very simple. i have people looking into it. >> the president responded, posted his own birth certificate, dubbed trump a carnival barker. >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. >> and then mocked him at the white house correspondents dinner days later. >> tonight for the first time i am releasing my official birth video. ♪
1:29 pm
>> despite the president's numerous speeches about his christian faith. >> it led me to embrace jesus christ as my lord and savior. >> 29% of americans still believe the president is a muslim. as do 43% of republicans and more than half of trump supporters. the lies live on in social media. every time the president sweet tweets, the smears are tweeted right back at him. the white house insists it's up to republicans to stop it. >> this is a cynical strategy that too many republican politicians have dabbled in because for some of them it's proved to be successful. >> and white house officials all but rolled their eyes at the trump campaign's claim that donald trump did not hear that supporter say that president obama is a muslim. john, they are just not buying that. >> so, jim, we have some breaking news out of the white house just a few minutes ago. >> that's right. >> we heard that the president intends to nominate a new secretary of the army. and this is a nomination that
1:30 pm
makes history. >> that's right. eric k. fanning, he's going to be the first openly gay secretary of a u.s. military branch. he's going to be the secretary of the army. and the president released a statement just in the last several minutes saying he looks forward to working with eric to keep our army the very best in the world. john, this is a part of that cultural sea change we've seen happening at the pentagon. and this is just another example of that. we'll have to see how that all plays out in the coming days, weeks and months. but president obama putting his full faith in eric k. fanning to run secretary of the army. >> jim acosta at the white house. thank you so much, jim. in our national lead, her name is bella. the toddler dubbed baby doe by police, she is finally been identified and now her mother and her mother's boyfriend are in police custody. the tip that led investigators to them, that's next. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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living in harmony and peace. trump: they're bringing crime. they're rapists. if i am elected they're... going to be out of there day one. reporter: do you think birth right citizenship should be ended? walker: yeah, absolutely. cruz: i think we should end birth right citizenship trump: i will build a great, great wall... in my mind it was a tall proud city built of... rocks stronger than oceans. and if there had to be city walls... the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. that's how i saw it and see it still.
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1:34 pm
welcome back to "the lead." the national lead now. it was one tip, just one tip that led to a major break in boston's baby doe case. police now identified the little girl as bella bond. her mother and mother's
1:35 pm
boyfriend now under arrest. all this as detectives return to boston harbor where the child was found in june wrapped in a trash bag. more than 50 million people viewed this computer generated image of what she might look like. one tip led police to search a home in the boston area yesterday. that house about 40 minutes from where the remains were found. cnn's alexander field is working to learn more. a alexander, what are police saying? >> reporter: so, john, police have not said how they believe this child's body got to deer island, how long she may have been left in that bag or what she could have endured before she was placed there. we don't know how she died. but police also didn't know who this toddler was until just a day ago. they've now identified her. and along with that identification they've taken two people into custody who they believe could have the answers about what happened to this toddler. with big brown eyes, long brown
1:36 pm
hair and chubby cheeks, her image captured the country's attention. >> the outpouring of concern and compassion for a toddler has been unprecedented. >> reporter: this video posted on facebook shows a happier time with her mother. >> what's that, bella? what'd momma and aunt shannon do? >> reporter: celebrating her second birthday calling her by a nickname, monkey. >> come on, monkey. >> reporter: authorities called her baby doe after her body was discovered in june in a trash bag along the shoreline of deer island just east of boston. she was wearing polka dot pants with her a zebra blanket. at last count her image generated by the national center for missing and exploited children shared online more than 50 million times. and after nearly three months, a break in the case thanks to a tip called in yesterday to boston police. baby doe finally has a name,
1:37 pm
bella bond. her mother, rachelle bond arrested according to a law enforcement source. her mother's boyfriend, michael mccarthy, also arrested according to the same source. police say he's not bella's b biological father. since june investigators continued to find new clues, a lab test completed last month turned up pollen native to trees and shrubs in new england indicating bella was from the area. and soot further showing she may have been from an urban area. the presence of that evidence also suggesting she was never in the water but placed on the shore, likely a local girl. tips came in from 30 states and four countries. finally, police know who she is and who may have been involved. john, the department of children and family services say that they had contact with baby bella twice before, once in 2012, once in 2013. both times child for support
1:38 pm
services for neglect. we also learned an official with the same agency that two other children had been removed from the care of this mother some time between 2001 and 2006. and just next hour we should be learning more from officials who plan to hold a press conference concerning the circumstances of baby bella's death and also these two arrests that we are now reporting today. john. >> all right, thank you so much. more information in the next hour. i want to bring in michael murphy. michael, detectives back out in boston harbor. that's where baby doe's remains were discovered. now they have the body, they have a name. what else do you think they're looking for? >> well, i think that they're going to try to make sure that they get every piece of information that they possibly can. and gathering all the evidence that they need so they can proceed with their investigation and wrap that up as quickly as possible. but at the same time make sure they do it in an appropriate timeframe. >> i remember talking to the d.a. when this case first went public. and he told me flat out he said he suspects that it was a family
1:39 pm
member involved. because it would only be a family member responsible for something like this that would not report a missing child. in your experience with these types of cases, is this normal? >> well, this is certainly something that occurs. this happens as a result of family members can sometimes be a stranger, we know that oftentimes it's someone in the child's life. i think it's important also for us to remember that these investigators, the folks at the massachusetts state police have been absolutely amazing in their tenacious work and in their never giving up and just like we do always being hopeful and always looking. >> 50 million views of the computer generated image of baby doe. remember, this body was found and it wasn't like they could put a picture of the body up for people to identify. so they came up with this computer generated image. 50 million people saw it. you can see the likeness right there. it's pretty remarkable.
1:40 pm
is this something that you think was crucial in helping break this case? >> well, certainly i think it's important that we have it. i think it's important that people remember that when our forensic artists do this work it is a composite. it's created with art and with science and with technology. and those three things together have created these images that in many instances are so strikingly correct that they will actually give you chills. there are 700-plus cases that we're constantly working on as a result of this case there are over 200 welfare checks that were done by law enforcement across the nation and outside of the united states. so these images can be vital to the process. we want to remember that people can go to facebook to help id to look at other images. we don't want to lose track of that and make sure we keep the momentum going forward. >> you know, if it is the mother and this boyfriend, does the case stop there? is it possible that other people knew? is that something that will be investigated, michael?
1:41 pm
>> i'm confident that law enforcement will leave no stone unturned in reference to this investigation. and that anyone that was responsible or had any part in this process no matter who that would be would be held accountable. >> michael murphy, thank you so much for being with us. just a very, very sad story. knowing the name perhaps will bring some peace to those who hopefully are out there and still love that little girl. in our sports lead, a shocking report showing nearly every ex-nfl player who donated his brain to science after death tested positive for a brain disease linked to concussions. now the nfl is responding. that's next. in our money lead, half a million cars recalled not for a safety issue. because the carmaker tried to pull one over on the federal government. that's ahead. staying in rhythm...
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repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. >> you turned on the lights and gave their biggest boogy man a name. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week. >> welcome back to "the lead." that's a clip from the forthcoming film "concussion." will smith recovers cte. the hollywood drama gets even more real in today's sports lead. an alarming report just released shows that 87 of 91 former nfl players who donated their brains after death they suffered from cte or brain deterioration disease. i want to get right to cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, this report is from boston university and the department of veterans affairs. explain exactly what cte is and what the science is about how athletes might get it. >> yeah. this is a relatively new term, john, for a lot of people.
1:47 pm
cte, chronic traumatic is a brain disease that is progressive. it is most similar to an alzheimer's like disease. people actually deposit these proteins in the brain very much like they do in alzheimer's. some of the same proteins. this typically occurs from people who've taken repeated blows to the head. i talked to one of the pathologists who conducted this study. i said is there any other thing that would cause cte? she told me no. it's blows to the head that cause concussions or sub con kusive sort of hits. when people have had a number of those it can lead to the cte. we talk about it in the context of football, john, because of this new study. but it can happen in other sports as well. and people are talking about it more than ever. >> and it's only diagnosed, i understand sanjay, after the fact like this when brains are donated after the death of some of these players. the nfl put out a statement in response to this saying, quote, we are dedicated to making football safer, continuing to take steps to protect players including rule changes and
1:48 pm
advanced sideline technology and expanding medical resource. but sanjay, with players constantly getting hit, are there ways the sport could change to prevent brain damage? >> i think so, john. and i ask the researchers who've been doing this study. i talked to the chief health adviser for the nfl recently and they both say it is possible to make it a safer game and still have it be football. couple examples, first of all one of the worst consequences is if someone has a concussion and then is not taken out of the game. and they get a second concussion. that's called second impact syndrome. that can even be deadly in certain situations. so preventing that from happening. you've probably seen the sideline exams now taking place if you've been watching football. they're doing other things in terms of the rules as well trying to decrease the types of hits that are actually taking place. and also in practices not having blows over and over to the head. so helmetless practices for example. this particular study, these were players during their life
1:49 pm
were worried they might have cte. so a little bit of a biased population when you look at those numbers. >> hopefully in their deaths it will contribute to the science of understanding what's going on here. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. sanjay you noticed is out there in malibu and a beautiful setting is there to compete in cnn fit nation triathlon which he is predicted to win. so good luck, sanjay. >> you're next here, john. >> yeah, right. eight nfl players suffer concussions in the first week, in the very first week of the regular season. so just think how many hits a pro athlete takes in a lifetime all the way back to the earliest days playing as children in peewee leagues. now a robot perhaps can prevent helmet to helmet contact. >> violence on the gridiron, glam glamourized in movies. hall of fame running back tony dorsett took this heavy blow in
1:50 pm
1984. >> my explanation was it's like a freight train hitting a volkswagen. >> now a high-tech game changer called the mvp, mobile virtual player, the brain child of dartmouth engineering students and head football coach. >> just as close as you can get short of tackling a real person. >> a robot with speed. >> we've clocked in, you know, five-second 40-yard dash. >> capable of moving forward, backwards, even spin moves. >> it makes some quick cuts too. it's definitely pretty difficult to tackle. >> the mvp allows players to rehearse in-game scenarios without tackling each other reducing one of the biggest injury risks, concussions. the risk to college players is huge. the ncaa rules allows them twice as many contact practices as professional counterparts. and the stats are concerning. the nfl reporting more than 200 concussions per year for the past few seasons. thousands of former players recently sued the nfl claiming the league knew the dangers of concussions for years but did little to mitigate the risk.
1:51 pm
players like dorsett now suffer serious brain diseases including alzheimer's, parkinson's and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. >> i've been taking my daughters to practice for years and all of a sudden i forgot how to get there. >> the class action suit was settled months ago for about a billion dollars. the league has appealed. but concussion prevention has become a focus of the sport. >> gives us a better sense in terms of perspective of cutting injuries down. >> well so if we think about over half the condition kougss in football might occur in practice, most of those are occurring in things like blocking or tackling type procedures. so if normally those are two people, right, going at each other. but now we cut it in half. >> the mvp took two years to design. it's the first season dartmouth is using it at practices. >> we've had players and teams contacting us wanting to know when they can get their hands on one. at this point all we're trying to say is we're developing it. >> so teams from across the
1:52 pm
country are contacting you? >> across the world. >> the sports world searching for an innovative idea to help tackle one of the greatest concerns threatening the future of football. anna cabrera, cnn, hanover, new hampshire. >> thanks, anna. in our world lead, pope francis just days away from his u.s. visit. but are americans ready for what could be some tough talk? that's next. ♪ verizon has backup generators for most of their towers,
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welcome back. our money lead now. nearly half a million, that's how many volkswagens and audis the u.s. government wants off the roads. the german automaker is accused of intentionally using software in deiesel vehicles to evade requirements. the software turns up emission controls only when the car is
1:57 pm
being tested. no word yet how much the company will be fined. turning now to our world lead, the historic visit pope francis scheduled to touch down on u.s. soil tuesday after a short trip to cuba. catholics across the nation are expected to make the pilgrimage. i want to bring in cnn's rosa flores in rome. the pope scheduled to make a number of high profile speeches. give us a sense of what to expect. >> you know, john, if you look at the pope's itinerary a few things really stand out. as soon as he speaks to congress then he goes and meets with the homeless. and then in new york he meets with immigrant families. and then in philly he meets with inmates. so all of these actions very francis-esque if you will. but what about what he's going to say in these major speeches? even insiders will tell you with francis you just never know. the pope's visit to the u.s. was supposed to be all about philadelphia and families.
1:58 pm
but insert a stop in cuba, a cameo before u.s. congress and a speech at the u.n. and the visit could create a trinity of tension. first, havana where the vatican's influence helped ease 60-plus years of cold war animosity between the u.s. and cuba. >> there is a checkered and complicated past, but that's the past. and the pope is about living in the present. and moving forward. >> during president raul castro's vatican meeting with francis earlier this year, the communist leader said he plans to attend every mass celebrated by francis. with castro in the pews, will the pope score in the country's history of human rights violation and lack of religious freedom. pope francis told students in cuba thursday through video conference he'd like to see friendship between the u.s. and castro's communist nation saying, [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: one of the most
1:59 pm
beautiful things is social friendship. this is what i would like to be able to achieve, social friendship. >> whatever the pope says in cuba will set the stage for a major address before a divided house in american congress. during his recent visit to south america francis called capitalism the dung of the devil. but will he utter those words inside the nation's capital? and what about those presidential candidates? >> we have to build a wall, folks. >> that charged anti-immigration rhetoric, polar opposite to the pope. >> i'm not sure if he's worried about alienating people. i mean, he'll be encouraging, but he speaks the truth. >> his speech before the united nations at a time hundreds of thousands of christians are fleeing persecution in syria, iraq and afghanistan. will he put world leaders in the hot seat asking them to do more to help refugees? or will he praise the nations who have already accepted thousands? no one really knows what francis
2:00 pm
will say during his more than 20 speeches. if he speaks off the cuff, cuba, congress and the united nations better get ready for a coming to jesus moment. now, i'll be traveling with pope francis on the papal plane, so, john, if you have a question for the pope, tweet me with #askthepope. john. >> what an assignment. rosa flores, thank you so much. that is all for "the lead." i'm john berman. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, trump to the gop front runner cancel campaign appearance at the last minute amid a barrage of criticism for failing to reject anti-muslim comments from a questioner? murder mystery, boston police now say they know the identity of baby doe who was found dead in a trash bag. were the killers under their noses all the time? and why were 50 million people who saw this sketch unable to identify the victim? tonight,


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